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1.   Every year, thousands of youth complete sixteen (16) years of education from recognized universities/ institutions in a whole range of academic disciplines. A considerable time gap between the completion of education and job availability results in a sense of frustration and waste of potential energy of educated youth. On the other hand, many public sector organizations are suffering from shortage of innovate, efficient and quality officials/staff in various cadres. In such circumstances, temporary placement of appropriate numbers of unemployed and educated youth in relevant and matching government outfits caned deficiency to departments as well as can enhance professional grooming of educated youth.

Internship program

2.   Internship program is especially designed for the youth so that they obtain essential grooming and experience to enhance their potential skills, which can help them find a good job in the long run. The Program will be opened for the students of Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, IT and Art for their research initiative, project, fieldwork and thesis report. The program will also be opened for those who have acquired 16 years of education and are not more than 30 years of age. The minimum requirement for the program will be graduation from a local, government or private institution.

Goals and Objectives

3.    The goal of the program is to harness the energy and innovations of educated youth in the public sector with enhancement of research and development. Through this initiative, the following objectives are expected to accrue following benefits:-

a.  Perception/image building of ANF and spread of ANF cause through internship program.

b.  Professional jobs employment grooming to enhance employability and capacity of fresh graduates for a better and bright professional future.

c.  Interactive experience, ideas sharing for improvement of organization and provide practical understanding of Govt departments.

d.  Expend ANF cause reach through liaison in the community.

Program Features

4.    Main features of the program are as follows:-

a.  The internees will work on various assignments/tasks of Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) thematic projects and plans appropriate branches.

b. The placement will be based upon the academic related   qualifications of the internees.

c. The internees will be required to join the program as part time or  full time basis and follow prescribed rules and regulations.

5.    The internship duration will be two or three month and extendable (depend upon both parties mutual consent, ANF and Internees). The internees will be at liberty to leave the program at any stage on 15 days advance notice. However, such internees will not be entitled for internship certificate.


6.    The internees will not be entitled for any kind of stipend/remuneration/payment. The internship is however, in no way an offer of employment on a formal job.

Selection criteria

7.    The program is designed for:-

a.  Internee must have recognized College/University official letter/certificate duly signed by Head of Department/Principal/Vice chancellor (For enrolled students).

b.  Internees must have completed Sixteen Years of Education and having a degree from HEC recognized universities/Colleges.

c. Preference will be given to fresh graduates.

d. Age limit would be 35 years.

e. Internee must have a domicile/form-B and CNIC.


8.    Internship certificates will only be awarded on successful completion of internship as per laid down requirements.

Focal Person, please feel free to contact us:-

1) Mr. Jibran Ahmed Yousafzai
Project Officer
Ph: 051-4492235-6
Cell: 0301-5122120
2) Ms. Nida Shaheen
Ph: 051-4492235-6

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