History and Role down to Police Station of ANF Regional Directorate – North.

  1. ANF Regional Directorate-North initially functioned in the Infrastructure of Headquarters ANF Rawalpindi and was dependent on HQ ANF for Pay and Alcee and other expenditures of the RD However, in July 1999, its separate budget was allotted to meet the requirements of RD Office of Regional Directorate Anti Narcotics Force Rawalpindi was notified on 12 June 2002. In September 2002 ANF RD-North was shifted from the infrastructure of HQ ANF to its new location from where ANF RD-North started its journey against drug trafficking separately under the auspices of Headquarters Anti Narcotics Force Rawalpindi. Lt Col Sanaullah was the first Regional Director of ANF Regional Directorate-North Presently the force is effectively functioning to counter against drugs menace under the command of Brigadier Muhammad Ramzan Gill.
  2. Role and Achievements of ANF RD-North. The role of ANF RD North is essentially strategic in nature. It focuses on developing an executing intelligence led operations. Mainly targets High Value Drug Traffickers and Drug Trafficking Organizations and networks, operating at national and international levels for which Regional Directorate Ant Narcotics Force is playing a vital role against drug trafficking and remained successful in seizing of heavy quantity of narcotics Since 1993 to Dec 2014, ANF Regional Directorate-North achieved a remarkable success and seized a lot of quantity of narcotics with the assistance of its Police stations.
  3. Area of Jurisdiction. The area of Jurisdiction of ANF Regional Directorate-North is District Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Jhelum, Attock, Islamabad Capital Territory and Gilgit Baltistan/Northern Area.

The area of jurisdiction has further been divided into the following Police Stations which are under the jurisdiction of ANF Regional Directorate-North.

PS ANF Attock. On 18 Nov 1984 PS Attock was establishePS Attockd PS Attockfor detection of drugs in Attock district the same was declared as Police Station on 09 Mar 2000. PS Attock also has its importance due to its Geographical and drug routes persistence.   View Large MAP

PS ANF Dina. It is located in District Dina.PS Dina Previously this Police PS DinaStation was a field investigation Unit of Pakistan Narcotics Control Board It was given the status of a Police Station dated on 21st August, 1991. The Jurisdiction of PS Dina is District Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Jhelum and Islamabad Capital Territory. PS Dina is playing a remarkable role to counter the drug trafficking in its area of jurisdiction.  View Large MAP

PS ANF Gilgit. The jurisdiction of PS GlgitPakistan Narcotics Control Board (PNCB) was extended to PS GlgitGilgit Baltistan (then Northern Areas) in June 1982. PS Gilgit is successfully functioning since then under the umbrella of Regional Directorate Anti Narcotics Force Rawalpindi ANF staff in Gilgit and Sust are working hard and tirelessly to eliminate drug menace from the area of its jurisdiction The Jurisdiction of PS Gilgit is Gilgit Biltistan I Northern Area.   View Large MAP

PS ANF Rawalpindi. Police Station ANF RDRwp Rawalpindi is functioning sinceRwp 3 March 2000. As a result of visionary approach of ANF to beef up the efforts to counter illicit activities of smugglers and to combat against the drugs, PS Rawalpindi is playing the pivotal role for the interdiction of narcotics. Its area of jurisdiction is also District Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Jhelum and Islamabad Capital Territory.   View Large MAP

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